Have you ever had the urge to enter one of your photograph’s into a contest; or even dreamt about winning cash prizes for your work? Your time to shine is almost here! Launching soon is a website called PhotoContests.com, which will make all of this possible. Created by Justin Bowen, this new website will allow photographers to upload their photographs and enter them into a wide-range of categorized contests.

Entry is free for prizes up to $1,000; and for a small fee, you can be entered to win prizes ranging from $1,000-$5,000! Can anyone say “New Lens!?!” Your photographs will be judged by some of the foremost photographers in the industry; giving this idea more worth than simple dollar signs. You have the opportunity to get your work noticed! This fact could be game-changing for you and your photography business.

I would recommend visiting the website: ( www.photocontests.com )and taking a look. If you are in fact interested in entering your work, sign-up now and anticipate the launch of the site. You could be the first to win! All you have to do is: enter your name, desired user name, and email. Once you do so, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. Simply click the link, and you will be ready to go! Good Luck!