Many people don’t know just how far professional digital printing services have come these days. Wood wall photos are a great example of that. Taking high quality blocks of beautiful, solid wood, the photo image is then printed flawlessly onto it. The result is a permanent wall hanging that stands out from the rest. Some people may wonder if it’s worth it to opt for this more unique style.

So when is a wood wall photo the right choice? In many cases:

  • When framing would be expensive – The cost of framing a large photo print can be prohibitive. It involves custom sizing and cutting and even a pre-made frame can be pricey. Ironically, having the photo printed directly onto fine wood as a wood wall photo can be substantially cheaper. Modern printing technology allows a digital image to be printed in high resolution for a tiny cost. That means a high-quality display at a low price.


It's amazing how much this seemingly simple frame will cost when custom-made and sized.

It’s amazing how much this seemingly simple frame will cost when custom-made and sized.

  • In place of custom woodwork – You might be considering having something designed with custom woodwork to hang on your wall, but when you get a quote from an artisan you may think again. Wood wall photos are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will provide the appearance of custom cut woodwork at a fraction of the price.
  • To make hanging easier – Larger and older frames may have complicated hanging systems and seem impossible to get straight. Wood wall photos have a simple slot routed on the back that fits standard hardware to make hanging a breeze. You won’t have to spend time with a drill measuring the brackets on the back of a frame ever again.
  • For official displays – Wood wall photos might be good for family portraits, but they are great for official displays of any kind. If you are issuing an award, giving a certificate of recognition to an employee, recognizing dedicated members of an organization or creating any kind of plaque, having the certificate printed directly onto wood is a great way to go. It is elegant, decorative and cost-effective. Similarly, wood wall photos can be used for great in-store displays that draw attention.
  • When you want something unique – Lots of people have framed photos, but how many have wood wall photos? Having your photo printed on wood can make it stand out as special.
  • When you want something that will last – Wood is a solid, beautiful, long-lasting substance, so choosing the material for your image means that you are creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

What would you use a wood wall photo for?