Did you know that your photos can be printed in high resolution onto smooth, craftsman-quality wood? Wood prints are a hit, both as gifts and for business uses. They offer a lot of advantages over a paper or framed image. Here’s why:

More tangible than a photoIn this age of digital photos instantly shared across the web, having something tangible in your hand still has value—perhaps more value than ever before. And while a printed paper photo may satisfy that need for some, for many people there is nothing as tangible as holding an artistic, one-of-a-kind, permanent photo wood print in their hands.

The look and feel of real wood – Wood has enchanted people for centuries. It is at once hard and soft; living, yet inanimate; brilliant, yet strong. The wood grain that subtly shows through the image on your print will only add those special qualities to the photo and make it even more unique and special. That’s why a wood print of a photo is the perfect gift for someone—because it takes an already special photo and makes it even more meaningful.

Imagine this on wood!

Imagine this on wood!

DurabilityA three quarter inch thick block of high quality wood (like birch or bamboo) not only looks great, it lasts. Light enough to hang on the wall, these blocks are still thick and strong enough to have some weight to them. They will stand up to much more abuse than a paper photo print or even a framed image. There is no glass to break. And if properly cared for, they will last a lifetime.

Variety of sizes and types – It can be hard to get a photo image blown up to a size suitable for framing and display. However, with wood prints, any high resolution photo can be resized to a huge variety of sizes and shapes, whether you want a simple hanging for the wall, a certificate size for an office, a triptych dividing the image into panels, or something shaped more like a trophy. The possibilities are almost endless.

Cost effective, high quality displays – Wood prints aren’t only good for sentimental purposes. You can have awards or certificates printed onto wood for an added sense of permanence, or you can have logos and marketing materials printed on wood for an elegant display that your competitors can’t match.

Have you had any photo prints made for your family, friends, office or business?