Wood wall photos have really been taking off. A wood wall photo is when a digital photograph or other image is taken and printed in beautiful high-resolution onto natural wood. So what can you use these works of art for? Here are four ideas:

1.  An elegant picture. Sometimes, you just want something that stands out on your wall. Everyone has framed paper photographs and that can look nice, but they really don’t stand out that much. On the other hand, when you take the time to have a wood wall photo created, you end up with a natural centerpiece that draws attention and looks like a true work of art. Any image printed on beautiful natural wood is going to be cherished by the family.

2.  Something that will last forever. Paper photos have a tendency to fade, wrinkle, or get creased, folded or torn. While wood wall photos are by no means invincible, they do last an incredibly long time. Solid, natural wood is a durable medium that is not as easy to damage as some other materials are. In addition, older wood that shows a small amount of wear can actually look even better than it did brand new and provide a rustic look to your décor. Wood wall photos are mementos that can last a lifetime—and then some.


3.  Use in crafts. The fact is that wood wall photos are much more versatile and can be used in many ways that a paper photo cannot. This includes using them in crafts and woodworking projects. For instance, if you are building birdhouses for your kids or grandkids, you could have a wood photo print made for each and use it for the front panel of every birdhouse? This would allow you to use all kinds of decorative patterns and images on the birdhouse that would be difficult to do with paint. All you need to do is cover the whole finished project in a little weatherproofing finish and it will last for years. 

4.  Signage. Business owners, churches, and others will find that wood wall photos make a great low-cost alternative to expensive handmade signs. A wood wall photo with your logo or signage printed on it is basically a custom wooden sign ready to go. All you need to do is drill holes and add the hardware to mount it and you have an attractive, tasteful sign that costs a fraction of what professional sign makers charge.

Do you have any wood wall photos? What do you use them for?