“I received our canvas yesterday and it is perfect! You did an outstanding job and I really appreciate everything that you did to accommodate us. The canvas matches my other daughter’s perfect. They look beautiful hanging together in my home. I want you to know when we started this process I was not comfortable at all. Our photographer had taken care of this when my other daughter got married. I was doing something that I knew nothing about, and because you were so knowledgeable and willing to work with me I was able to accomplish the task. I will be ordering another one in about a month.”
Suzette, MS

“My canvas turned out absolutely beautiful. They took an everyday photo and made it look like so much more. The coloring is so vibrant it looks like an artist actually painted the picture.”
Stacey, TX

“I want to thank you for doing a beautiful job on that canvas picture. I gave it to my daughter in time for Christmas even though I couldn’t wait for Friday. She did her best not to cry nevertheless, she fell in love with the canvas print that we gave her.”
Ray, CA

“I am so impressed with your service, and the art is beautiful!! Thank you so much, nice doing business with you.”
Marion, MO

“I created a unique collection of digital nursery art that required superior printing, Canvas Direct™ supplied exactly what I was looking for! The canvas, saturation and execution far exceeded my expectations, not to mention the guys at Canvas Direct™ went above-and-beyond for me! Thank you so much, I’m truly grateful for your service and for your contribution in bringing my art to life! There will certainly be repeat orders!”
Jacqueline – hAiRT Studio – www.hairtstudio.com

“Your PopArt prints are awesome! I have ordered 3 so far for my daughter’s room, and she loves them. The first time she saw herself on a piece of artwork, she flipped! Your designers have always been so helpful in selecting the correct colors to match her room, I’ll never purchase a piece of generic, store-bought art again.”
Aliza, PA

“Canvas Direct™ did a canvas for my daughter’s graduation picture. I was so impressed; I had to show all my friends. Now, two of my friends have just submitted their kids’ graduation pictures as well. I just didn’t know that a canvas could turn out so lovely.”
Becky, IN

“My husband really liked the canvas! I gave it to him this past weekend. He said it was the best birthday gift yet!”
Shannon, OK

“We got our canvas yesterday and it’s really great. I love your work – this really looks like a painting and I think our friend will like that. Thanks so much for great service and a quality product. Have a merry, merry holiday season after the crazy rush is over.”
Adele, CA

“I just received my housewarming gift. You made me cry again! What a beautiful gift. Thank you so much. I am going to send you the pictures of my Mom and Dad. Will you do the same thing with those? There isn’t a better gift that I could have received.”
Gail, WI

“WOW!!!!! Thank you so much! ”
Kaitlyn, WI

“We bought the pop-art portrait for my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. He absolutely loved it! We heard a lot of comments from friends and family about how original it is. Many people wondered where we got the idea and where we got it done. We are so happy with your work and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a very novel piece.”
Dorene, IL

“Our print came out awesome! Thank you so much, you have a customer for life!”
Sylvia, OR

“This made the perfect Mother’s Day gift…my mom had tears. So glad I found you guys.”
Allan, CA

“Thank you thank you thank you! The picture of my baby is so beautiful! You have brought her to life on canvas and her natural beauty comes through…I have showed all my coworkers the picture and everyone loved the way you brought baby to life! I have given them your email and web site. You will be hearing from a few people! You truly know what your calling in life is and I am grateful to you and for you! There are no words to thank you enough! I am your biggest and #1 fan!”
Robin, CA

“Last Mother’s Day, I ordered a Hero Collage from Canvas Direct™. There was a problem with one of my images, but their designer helped me choose a replacement and even sent me a proof before it was printed. Nothing could have prepared me for how great these canvas prints look, my mother and I were in tears. I have ordered another print of my husband’s baseball team for his birthday, I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he opens it! Thank you!”
Carol, OK

“As an interior designer, I am always looking for new and unique ways to decorate my client’s spaces. Canvas Direct’s™ wall displays are my new favorite product! One of the hardest parts of my job is coming up with new ways of filling large amounts of wall space, and these displays make my job so much easier. I recommend Canvas Direct™ to all of my clients looking for unique and personal ways to beautify their homes or offices.”
Ashley, TX

“I received my canvas today and I love it, it looks even better than the proof I received! I showed it to my mother-in-law and she would like to have one of her own. Is there any way I can order a duplicate? Thank you again, I am so happy that I found you guys.”
Carl, AL

“I was new to digital photography and printing the first time I ordered my canvas, and your designer was so helpful explaining the basics to me. I now go everywhere with my camera and have almost filled an entire wall with canvas artwork that I created.”
Steve, IN

“I brought in a CD of my daughter’s wedding photos taken by her wedding photographer. On the CD, I had marked which image I wanted printed. When I came in to pick up my print, to my surprise, our wedding photographer had edited the images without our consent, and the image I picked was nowhere near the original. This was by no means the fault of Canvas Direct™, as they printed what I told them to. However, they were nice enough to reprint the correct image at only half the price. I was so relieved that I was still able to memorialize my daughter’s special day, even with such a mix up. Thank you so much!”
Shawna, TN

“My print looks great! In fact, I have already ordered another one, and so has my sister. Canvas Direct™ rocks!!”
Patty, KY

“I ordered a large Quad Tile print to go above my receptionist’s desk at my office. Since then, I have received so many questions and comments about where I got it, it is definitely the focal point of the office now. Could you send some business cards for me to hand out to my customers who would like a print of their own?”
Greg, WA

“As an anniversary gift, I scanned an old photo of my parents from their wedding day. It was badly damaged and had some minor tears at the corners. I wasn’t sure if the image was of good enough quality to print, but Canvas Direct™ did a great job enhancing and fixing my photo. The image looks even better than the original, and will last so much longer. This is truly a unique family heirloom that will stay in our family for generations.”
Betty, AZ

“I cannot believe the selection that you guys have in your gallery. I have already ordered 4 of your floral prints for my living room. The colors are so vibrant and the craftsmanship is superb. Thank you so much!”
Angie, TX