Do you love scrapbooking? Let me introduce you to Showboat, the revolutionary $1.99 photo app for the iPad. The origins of Showboat, are rooted in a business trip to French Polynesia by app designer JR Harrell. Aboard the cruise, JR encountered the dilemma of spotty Wi-Fi while attempting to showcase the work on his website to potential clients. It dawned on him that his iPad did not yet offer software in which he could create/view portfolios requiring no internet connection. This was the moment Showboat was born.

Originally created as a tool for “Freelancers” (i.e.  web designers, architects, fashion designers); to showcase their work. JR came to realize he also created a digital alternative for scrapbook enthusiasts and photo lovers who couldn’t find the time or have the necessary funds to create physical photo albums.

Showboat enables you to create three types of photo albums in an instant, these include: a full-screen slideshow album, a double-page portrait album, and a single-page landscape album. Salivating? It keeps getting better. You can upload photographs from your Camera Roll, Flickr, Instragram, or Dropbox with the tap of your finger. Each album page has five layout options, giving you unique ways to showcase your photographs. You even have the option to write notes on the back of your photos! Showboat 1.0 makes it possible for you to create full-length digital photo albums in three simple steps, making it the most cost/time efficient scrapbooking option on the market.

If you are a Professional Photographer, this app is perfect for creating easily assessable portfolios to showcase your skills to your clients. Real Estate Agents even use Showboat to present their listings to potential home-owners! The multi-purpose photo app has already breached the top 25 of the App Store in just two days!  When I spoke to JR, he told me this was only the beginning. He and his team are currently working on some amazing new features that are going to; “change the scrapbooking game.” The future looks bright for JR and his Showboat Team…will they sail off into the sunset? Only time will tell; but if I were a betting man, I would say yes.