After a long winter frost, the warmth and comfort of spring is finally just around the corner. As the temperature begins to climb above freezing, many peoples’ thoughts have started to turn toward seasonal celebrations. Weddings, graduations, and various holidays are commonly observed between the months of March and June, each teeming with the bustling energy that winter had so long repressed. If you have a lengthy list of events to attend this season, but aren’t exactly sure what style of gift to bring to the party, why not offer your loved ones a brilliant print on wood?

Perfect for Weddings
What better gift is there to give a couple for a wedding or shower gift than a record of the memory? Have their favorite photo blown up and printed on wood for a beautiful piece they can hang anywhere in their new home together. You can also have smaller prints made of related images, hanging them alongside of the larger portrait for a visual collage of their most important day.

Immortalize the Academic Moment
Graduating from college is an accomplishment, ought to be commemorated in a special way. Why not be the first to provide the graduate with a collection of prints on wood depicting their graduation day? Whether for the student, the parents, or any other loved one, the receiver is sure to appreciate the meticulous detail that goes into bringing a memory alive.
Highlighting the Family this Holiday

If you celebrate Easter, Passover, both, or any of the other spring holidays, it’s a prime time for family gatherings. Preserve those egg hunt photos of the kids, or take a family picture with multiple generations on hang. Then turn it into a work of art with a portrait on wood and give them as gifts to your family members. They’re sure to treasure the gift for years to come.