Congratulations, your Pinterest account is now optimized for your business! Like any other social media network, it is crucial to keep your account updated. The best way to do so is to interact with other Pinterest users by repinning and “liking” their pins. By doing this, you are constantly adding new media to your page, as well as increasing the odds of your content being repinned and “liked”. Some other things to remember…

  1. Pin media that is aesthetically pleasing and informative
  2. Upload videos and info-graphics to your page
  3. Share the content of others
  4. Backlink all of your pins to their original source through the link box on the “Edit Pin” page
  5. Add hashtags and backlinks too all descriptions of your pins
  6. Be creative, thought provoking, and empowering
  7. Create interactive contests for your followers
  8. Cross promote your Pinterest page through your other social media accounts (i.e. Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn)
  9. Avoid blatant self-promotion
  10. Have fun! Creating your account is not just for your business, it’s for you. It’s a great way to meet new people and learn new things!

If you create a Pinterest account using this formula, or incorporate it with your existing account; your business will be ready for Pinterest success! As Pinterest grows, I will share my knowledge and strategies with you to ensure your page is as effective as possible. Keep on Pinning!!!