Now that your account is set up, your pins have descriptions including keywords and hashtags, and all of your pins are backlinked to their respected pages; we can dive into how to drive more traffic to your website via Pinterest. Contests are a great way to drive more traffic to not only your Pinterest account but to your website as well. You may be sitting here wondering how you could possibly run a contest on a website that is solely based on pictures and videos; it may be tricky, but it is definitely possible!

I would recommend sitting down and brainstorming a few ideas. Keep in mind the fact you are trying to create something that will engage users as much as possible. Like everything else in life, you find what works by trial and error. The first contest I created for Pinterest was what I like to call a “Guess Who?”  I would take the faces of celebrities and crop them so all you could see was small part of their face (i.e. a single eye, mouth, forehead, etc.). I created a “Contest” pinboard, and would post a new celebrity every day. Users would then comment on the pin with their guess on who they thought the celebrity was, and the first user to guess correctly would win a free 11×14 print from our website. Users were limited to one guess per day, and the same user couldn’t win twice. I cross-promoted the contest through all of our social media networks to ensure the maximum amount of people could participate. It got to a point where users from Facebook and Twitter started creating Pinterest accounts for the purpose of participating in our contest. After the fact, I created a “Winner’s Circle” pinboard where I pinned all of the contest winners. For the description of each pin, I put their hometown, occupation, and the date they won the contest.

You can upload videos on Pinterest the exact same way you upload images. A good idea would be to incorporate videos into your contests. You could take 10-20 second movie clips and have users guess which movie they came from, what year the movie was made, or even the director of the film. You could also take hit YouTube videos, and have users repin them. The user who gets the most comments on their repinned video throughout the week would ultimately be the winner of the contest. This is a really good strategy because you are not only engaging with the users in your network, you are engaging with the users in their networks as well. The goal should be to make your contest as easy as possible for users to participate. Let’s face the facts, people are lazy; and time is more valuable than money. If it takes more than one or two steps to win your contest, users will more than likely not participate. To get the most out of your contests, you need to make them fun, easy, and worth competing for.

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words,” well actions speak louder than words, and that’s what videos are all about! Videos on Pinterest can be very strong tools for communication if used the right way. You could create a video blog for your company and pin it to your Pinterest page as well; this could be a great way to share useful information, news, & company updates with all of the users in your network. Like the pictures you post, you want your videos to be  funny, thought provoking, or informative. These types of videos will be shared throughout Pinterest at much higher rates, and get you closer to your goal of maximum exposure.