Now that you have set up your account with: your company description, logo, website link, and added the “pin-it” button to your toolbar; you are ready to go! It is time to start optimizing your account so you can make sure you get the most out of it for your business.

I would start off by creating 3 pinboards. One, can be about your business, i.e. the products you offer, an “about us” pinboard, or even a pinboard of the leaders in your organization with a brief bio on each pin. The other two should be industry related, but not directly reflect upon your business. The reason behind this strategy, is the fact that you want to avoid blatant self-promotion through pinterest. One of the best ways to grow your following is by sharing other user’s content; if you only have pinboards specific to YOUR products, it handcuffs what you CAN share. Another reason behind this thought is the fact that many businesses have already made the mistake of blatant self-promotion and are now viewed on Pinterest as SPAMMERS!

If you take a look at our Pinterest page; you will see the “Phenomenal Photography” pinboard. As you know, we offer photo printing on canvas, metal, and acrylic; but this pinboard is dedicated to the works of others. We share all of the photographs we love here; we even have photographers sending us their photographs to be featured on the board! As we post the photographs, we back-link them to the photographer’s website to ensure people know exactly where they came from. By doing so, we are not only generating relationships; we are cross-promoting our business with others in related industries.

Make sure what you are pinning  is aesthetically pleasing. There are millions of pictures that go through Pinterest every single day, by sharing images that stand out; users are more likely to take notice and share. I would  recommend pinning pictures that have a “longer” contour because they will in fact take up more space on the Pinterest home page, and are more likely to get noticed by users as well. Also, pin info-graphics and data charts related to your industry. If you can offer informative industry-specific data, you will be viewed as a trusted advisor within your market.

I understand you may be in an industry where the term “aesthetically pleasing” does not go hand-in-hand with what you do, but that’s okay! Say you own and operate a dental office, are you really going to take pictures of the cavities you have filled, or the root canals you have performed? No way! It may be a good idea though, to post photos of your smiling patients after they got their teeth cleaned, or braces off. If you are a manufacturer of auto-parts, are you going to pin pictures of transmissions and break lines? You guessed it right, the answer is no; many people have no idea what a transmission or break lines look like. What you could post though are custom cars featuring your products, or even photos from a car show you participated in. It may take a little creativity to come up with custom pinboards featuring your products, but it can definitely be done.

In our next post, we will delve deeper into optimizing your pinterest account for business. We will touch on back-linking, running contests, and pin descriptions.  I hope this helped!