According to Planning a Wedding for Dummies, June and September are the two most popular months for marriages. If you’re getting married this June, then you’re probably beginning to feel the stress of your quickly-approaching wedding day. Even though the day is mostly about you, you and your spouse-to-be still have a lot of shopping to do for people thaphoto gifts for attendantst are involved in the big day.

You would usually purchase gifts for the bridal party, as well as anyone who has helped with the planning, both of your parents, and anyone else that you want by your side when walking down the aisle and saying your vows. When choosing gifts for these people, you’ll probably want to choose something that is both unique and meaningful. Consider the suggestions below:

Photo Gifts

Gifts that feature pictures and other personal memories are a great way for you to thank the special people in your life. You can choose to incorporate childhood photographs or more recent ones into gifts that are heartfelt and personal. A lot of people have wonderful photographs on their computers and smart phones where no can enjoy them. Gifting photo memories on your wedding day is the perfect way to say “thank you for supporting us.”

Metallic Prints

Metallic prints make a great gift for groomsman and other male attendants because they incorporate photos and high-quality aluminum panels. Men enjoy the gift because it is sentimental, but can also have an industrial, tough feel to it. You can also customize the prints for each attendant by making selections from various artistic borders and sizes. Female attendants will also love this gift because it is a unique and beautiful way to display a very special photograph.

Key Chains and Ornaments

Photo key chains and ornaments can also be adorned with meaningful pictures, notes, and other keepsakes. These make for great gifts because recipients will be able to reflect on your wedding day and the relationship they share with both of you when they decorate for the holidays or start their car.

Photo gifts are perfect for wedding attendants because everyone cherishes the memories they share with the people they love. Photos printed on metal represent lifelong relationships and are a great display of appreciation for all the support you have received.