Kadence Creations LLC launched MLMipedia Pro in 2011 to help people find a network marketing company that best fits their needs. Currently MLMipedia Pro is an iPhone/iPad app with an enhanced website in the works. This app allows its users to compare and contrast top MLM companies to determine which one is a perfect fit for them.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) August 21, 2012







Each year August and September is filled with students preparing to go back to school. One thing on college students’ minds is having money during the upcoming semester. Whether it is to help pay for classes, books and living, or extra money for food and fun, college students will look for opportunities to bring in extra income. The current job market is still tight and many people, including students, are having a tough time finding a job. However, MLM companies have always been a popular avenue among college-aged students, and MLMipedia Pro makes it easier for them to find a company that fits their needs.

Whether they are new to the MLM industry or just now learning about the available opportunities, college students can greatly benefit from joining an MLM company. There is a wide range of MLMs to choose from based on: the products or services available, how much it costs to join the company, how long the company has been around, how much the reps will get paid, etc. MLMipedia Pro helps organize all of this information by allowing its users to group, sort, order and add companies to a “favorites” list to help them decide which one benefits them the most. The app is user-friendly and provides enough information to make an educated decision on which MLM the student should join.

MLM companies also offer college students the flexibility and income potential they need while juggling classes. As an independent representative a person is not tied down to an office or store front, so they have the freedom to work from anywhere they would like. There are also no set hours, so the rep can work whenever he or she would like to. Classes and studies can come first, allowing the student to work the business during his/her free time. In addition, the MLM industry allows for mobility. A student can rely mainly on their cell phone and computer when working for the company.

The MLM industry and MLMipedia Pro are good resources for college students. The income potential is unlimited so there is not a cap to what a student can earn. The student can continue the business after graduation either on a part time basis or transition to full time. This iPhone app is a good start to research which MLM best fits the student’s needs and can be downloaded today from iTunes.