Yesterday, we began our journey towards social media marketing success. We wrote down our goals, and solved the mystery surrounding which social media sites are most beneficial for your business.  

Before you begin creating or editing your social media sites, you are going to want to keep a few things in mind.

1.)    Basic Image Editing: If you do not know how to crop, resize, or rotate an image using Paint or Photoshop, you will want to learn how. You will also want to learn how to utilize the basic photo effects offered on these programs.  If anyone needs more info on how to do so, let me know. I will create a post giving step-by-step instructions.

2.)     Social Media Content Folder:  It is a good idea to create a new folder on your desktop in order to store images and other content for future use. By creating a stock of content while you casually surf the web, you not only save a ton of time; you will always have fresh content at your disposal. Some content you can add to the folder that you may already have could includes: photos from around the office, company events, or of new products, infographics (charts & reports), or photographs of happy customers. YouTube videos and blog posts regarding your business also make great content as well.

3.)     “About” Section:  When completing the “About” section on any platform, it is much easier to refer back to your company’s mission statement/values for inspiration. Make sure whatever you say is clear and to the point. Using keywords in your description is huge for search engine optimization (SEO). Also, be sure to use action words. Similar to the review process of a resume, many people will simply skim this section, using solid action words will help GRAB their attention!

4.)    Sharing: Make sure to share interesting content you discover on the web with your fans. Whenever sharing photos, videos, or links; make sure to add descriptions! Creating captions or commenting on your posts shows you actually care about what you are posting. It’s also imperative to share and like the content of other users. By doing so, you not only build relationships with your fans; you open the door for dialogue with potential clients.

5.)    Positivity is HUGE: Always stay positive, people will feed off of your energy! Kind of like the first date, stray away from discussing topics such as finances, religion, and politics. The best way to avoid negative feedback is to keep these thoughts on the backburner.

After writing down your social media goals and answering the questions from the previous post, I want you to choose the three best social media platforms for your small business. Now, list them in order one through three, with one being the most beneficial.  I promise there is a method to my madness; we are going to use a strategy I created called the Two-One.

First, pick the two top sites from your list; these will be the main focus of your social media campaign for the first couple weeks. We will then implement the third social media site once we have a firm grasp on the first two.  The reason behind this strategy is the fact that taking on too much isn’t only detrimental to a business; it’s detrimental to any social media campaign.  You want to make sure you are posting fresh, funny, exciting, and sometimes even mind-blowing content to your social media accounts each day. I know these sound like daunting tasks, especially with the small amount of time you have allotted for social media; but it is much easier than you may believe.

There are actually cloud-based programs out there that enable you to manage all of you social media accounts from one window. You are able to post to all of your accounts, respond to incoming messages, comments, likes, retweets, repins; so forth and so on. Pricing on these programs is dependent on what they have to offer. The top dog in the market today is Hootsuite, their services range in price from free to $5.99 a month.  I am not saying it is essential you use these types of programs, but if time constraints are an issue, I would recommend using them. You can check out what Hootsuite has to offer here:

Another option for you would be to use IFTTT (If This, Then That). This website is currently in beta testing, but could be a very powerful tool for you to use. It enables you to automate different functions of your social media accounts. For instance, if you post a tweet on Twitter, your Facebook will create a status update regarding the tweet. Their website is:

Now that you are knowledgeable social media account manager, you can begin creating or editing the top two sites you have chosen. Tomorrow, I will discuss ways to gauge your social media marketing results. These results will be a key factor in determining if your social media campaign is actually working.

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