Do you love photography? Does someone in your family love photography? Do you have photos you wouldn’t part with for any price? If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe you should consider having your very favorite picture printed onto a material that will last – a photo to metal print.

Printing photographs onto metal may sound strange at first. When most people think of photos, they think of either digital photos or pictures printed onto paper. Professional photographers will sometimes have a photo printed onto canvas, so the end result will be reminiscent of a painting. It’s also possible to have photos printed onto wood.

Photos printed on materials other than paper require no matting, no framing, and no glass for preservation. The finished prints can be cut into any shape or size. Non-paper mediums can be printed with either gloss or matte finishes, just like paper photos. The material a photo is printed on can contribute to the depth, sharpness, or softness of the image.

Non-paper photo materials have become popular in the world of corporate interior decorating. Many businesses use photos printed onto metal, wood, or canvas to decorate their lobbies, offices, conference rooms, and cafeterias, since it’s easiest if artwork in these locations is durable and easily cleaned. The potential for glass being broken is a concern when using traditional, framed photographs.

Photos printed on metal or wood are also used with increasing frequency to decorate private homes. Everyone has a photo they want to keep in their lives forever, and printed photos have a major disadvantage: they fade over time. That color photo of your daughter will lose its brilliance over time, because ink printed onto paper eventually fades. There is no way to completely prevent this from happening. Ink printed onto non-paper materials may still fade, but not as quickly, and not to the degree that a paper photo will. A traditional photo is printed onto the top of the paper, but in the process of printing a photograph onto a non-paper material, ink is infused deep into the material itself, not just onto the surface. So if you want the picture you treasure most to last for many years, consider a photo to metal print.  If cared for properly, a photograph printed onto a stronger material than paper could remain in your family for generations to come.