Earlier this year, Instagram was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion and stock options. With 80 million registered users, it is easily regarded as one of the top downloads on both the App Store and Google Play. Instagram allows users to transform the photographs they take on their smartphones into one of a kind, digital works-of-art. The app also makes it very easy to share your images to Facebook & Twitter. Many direct selling enthusiasts are already utilizing Instagram to generate new leads, create a buzz about their products, actively recruit, and promote their services. Here are some great ways for you to do the same:

  • Capture moments around the office. This is a great opportunity to show your clients what goes on around the office… on a Tuesday. With the digital world becoming more and more prevalent, it is important to keep things as “real” as possible. You are able to put a face behind the products you are offering, and that is huge.
  • Take photographs at corporate events, home parties, or other business related functions. Sharing your experiences at these types of events not only generates buzz about your products but can serve as strong recruiting tools as well. When people hear the term “direct sales,” many assume the worst, (pyramid & get rich quick schemes). By offering insights to the industry via corporate events or house parties, you dissolve any pre-existing biases that may have formed. People are natural born followers, if they see others engaging in an activity that looks enjoyable, they will be more willing to give it a try  themselves.
  • Encourage clients to share photographs of themselves using your products. This could all be seen as positive PR, and a great marketing tool. Word of Mouth could be the most powerful tool in direct sales, take advantage of an easy opportunity to generate buzz.
  • Follow users who post photographs related to your product/service. This is another great way to generate leads to Instagram.
  • Invite team members to share their direct selling experiences through Instagram. By sharing their experiences, your team members can give more insight into the industry. Having the ability to showcase direct selling from multiple points of view is very powerful in recruiting new consultants.

As a direct seller it is important to utilize all the free tools you can in order to promote your business. If you utilize these strategies to promote your brand through Instagram, I believe you will find success.