Meet Rae Vittorelli, Founder of Cocoagraph, Chocolate Photograph Co. of Philadelphia, PA. Discovering her passion for photography at a young age, Rae attended the School of Visual Arts in New York, where she double-majored in photography and printmaking. Eager to learn more, she decided to enroll at Moore College of Art & Design where she earned BFA in 3D Fine Arts.

Mixing her passion for photography and fashion, with a little pinch of her vintage look; Rae created Cocoagraph, an ‘artisan’ chocolate bar company that offers Polaroid-style photographs printed onto chocolate. Each chocolate bar is handmade & completely customizable offering you a tasty print solution for any photograph, logo, or image. Simply upload the image of your choice, select the size of your Cocoagraph, and the type of chocolate your taste buds are yearning for.

All of Cocoagraph’s chocolate comes from a family-owned company in Santa Barbara California, who stand behind their firm belief of ethically traded/manufactured goods. This fact alone should make you feel better about each delicious bite you take out of your memories. Your chocolate choices include: milk, white, dark, and organic dark. You can learn more about their chocolate here:

Cocoagraphs come in two sizes, “Life-Size” and “Bite-Size.” Each “Life-Size” bar is $8.50, while a 3-pack of “Bite-Size” bars is $12.00. Their Size Charts are posted on the website, giving you a  better idea of what to expect:

You have the option to scan old photos, or you can upload photographs from your digital camera, smartphone, Instagram, or Hipstamatic. Cocoagraph makes it easy to create tasty memories for weddings, showers, birthdays, corporate events, and holidays. Simply follow the order form in their Store to upload your own high-quality images.



To learn more about our company, visit us today: