The Christmas season is upon us, and before long the familiar ritual of exchanging gifts will fill countless homes with warmth and joy. The big question every year, however, is what do you get for that special someone in your life that seems to have everything? Thankfully, this year there’s a fairly easy answer to that pesky question – make them a personalized gift! Often overlooked in our overly materialized culture, personalized gifts add that special amount of uniqueness and heart that money can’t buy. Consider the following ideas to make your Christmas gifts this year something special.

Name Ornaments
Christmas tree ornaments are one of the most cherished and welcome sights within a home during the holiday season. While most people are accustomed to the colored orbs and candy canes, why not give something that no one else will have? Getting your loved one’s name inscribed on a personalized ornament adds a sentimental flair to your tree, something that other families won’t be able to match.

Image to Metal Photo
Everyone enjoys keeping photos of their family and friends, it helps us cherish fond memories. Unfortunately, paper photos are easily lost or damaged. More recently, photographs have become completely digital and often can’t be displayed easily. Instead, why not offer an image to metal to your mother, spouse, or child. What better way is there to express your affection for another than to immortalize your happiest moments?

Home Made Cards
These days, Christmas cards are seen as a popular way of spreading good tidings en masse. However, it is still possible to capture a very human emotion by creating a personalized card. Include a short story, poem, or drawing that you’ve made specifically for the recipient. It might not be the biggest or flashiest gift, but it will certainly be something they will remember for many Christmases to come.