According to Planning a Wedding for Dummies, June and September are the two most popular months for marriages. If you’re getting married this June, then you’re probably beginning to feel the stress of your quickly-approaching wedding day. Even though the day is mostly about you, you and your spouse-to-be still have a lot of shopping to do for people thaphoto gifts for attendantst are involved in the big day.

You would usually purchase gifts for the bridal party, as well as anyone who has helped with the planning, both of your parents, and anyone else that you want by your side when walking down the aisle and saying your vows. When choosing gifts for these people, you’ll probably want to choose something that is both unique and meaningful. Consider the suggestions below:

Photo Gifts

Gifts that feature pictures and other personal memories are a great way for you to thank the special people in your life. You can choose to incorporate childhood photographs or more recent ones into gifts that are heartfelt and personal. A lot of people have wonderful photographs on their computers and smart phones where no can enjoy them. Gifting photo memories on your wedding day is the perfect way to say “thank you for supporting us.”

Metallic Prints

Metallic prints make a great gift for groomsman and other male attendants because they incorporate photos and high-quality aluminum panels. Men enjoy the gift because it is sentimental, but can also have an industrial, tough feel to it. You can also customize the prints for each attendant by making selections from various artistic borders and sizes. Female attendants will also love this gift because it is a unique and beautiful way to display a very special photograph.

Key Chains and Ornaments

Photo key chains and ornaments can also be adorned with meaningful pictures, notes, and other keepsakes. These make for great gifts because recipients will be able to reflect on your wedding day and the relationship they share with both of you when they decorate for the holidays or start their car.

Photo gifts are perfect for wedding attendants because everyone cherishes the memories they share with the people they love. Photos printed on metal represent lifelong relationships and are a great display of appreciation for all the support you have received.



With Valentine’s Day less than a month away it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get your love this year.  There are many safe and expected gifts, such as cards and stuffed teddy bears, but don’t you think it’s time to step up your game?  No matter how beautiful the flowers are or how sweet the chocolate may happen to be, cliché gifts leave a bitter taste in the mouth of your valentine. Here is a list of memorable gift ideas that will leave your beloved knowing you put some time and thought into the perfect gift:

  • Photo Printed on Metal – A common Valentine’s Day gift is a framed picture of you and your significant other.  This year why not kick it up a notch by getting the picture printed on metal. This product uses brand new technology that prints a picture onto high quality aluminum panels that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best part about this is that you’re not limited to a picture.  You can also have drawings, letters, or anything else memorable printed on metal. There are even options that include a number of different photos on the same platform. A collaboration of anniversary pictures is just about as thoughtful a gift as there can be.
  • Framed Art – Does your valentine love art?  Want to make it obvious that you pay attention to and care about his or her interests?  Consider providing the gift of a print of their favorite work of art.  This practical gift of home décor provides a great way to show how much you care.  Take the extra time to choose a frame that matches their personality and upgrade their home’s style for years to come.
  • Custom Key Chain – The perfect way to show your significant other that they have the key to your heart is to surprise them with a beautiful custom keychain.  Use your creativity by choosing a favorite photo of the two of you and include a handwritten message that can be printed on the metal keychain. Your valentine will certainly think of you and your love for them every time they see it. This is a practical and thoughtful gift.

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love, but the stress involved in finding the perfect gift can often put love on the backburner. Don’t let February 14th fill you with angst this year. Take advantage of personalized gifts and make an impression that lasts.


The Christmas season is upon us, and before long the familiar ritual of exchanging gifts will fill countless homes with warmth and joy. The big question every year, however, is what do you get for that special someone in your life that seems to have everything? Thankfully, this year there’s a fairly easy answer to that pesky question – make them a personalized gift! Often overlooked in our overly materialized culture, personalized gifts add that special amount of uniqueness and heart that money can’t buy. Consider the following ideas to make your Christmas gifts this year something special.

Name Ornaments
Christmas tree ornaments are one of the most cherished and welcome sights within a home during the holiday season. While most people are accustomed to the colored orbs and candy canes, why not give something that no one else will have? Getting your loved one’s name inscribed on a personalized ornament adds a sentimental flair to your tree, something that other families won’t be able to match.

Image to Metal Photo
Everyone enjoys keeping photos of their family and friends, it helps us cherish fond memories. Unfortunately, paper photos are easily lost or damaged. More recently, photographs have become completely digital and often can’t be displayed easily. Instead, why not offer an image to metal to your mother, spouse, or child. What better way is there to express your affection for another than to immortalize your happiest moments?

Home Made Cards
These days, Christmas cards are seen as a popular way of spreading good tidings en masse. However, it is still possible to capture a very human emotion by creating a personalized card. Include a short story, poem, or drawing that you’ve made specifically for the recipient. It might not be the biggest or flashiest gift, but it will certainly be something they will remember for many Christmases to come.


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Merchant Data Systems recently teamed up with Karma Snack in order to offer expanded capabilities to their partners in various industries. By combining the capabilities of both companies, they can create software capable of streamlining and enhancing a company’s abilities and therefore enhancing its ability to create profit.












Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 13, 2012

Merchant Data Systems recently teamed up with Karma Snack in order to offer expanded capabilities to their partners in various industries. By combining the capabilities of both companies, they can create software capable of streamlining and enhancing a company’s abilities and therefore enhancing its ability to create profit.

All sorts of different businesses are taking advantage of technology in order to streamline their business, allowing them to take on more customers and through their customers make more business. They become more interesting to customers because they allow the customer to avoid lines through a number of different methods, giving customers the ability to quickly buy what they are looking for and enjoy the product even more. Through POS integration and e-commerce solutions, even the most traditional businesses, such as a camera and photographic supply store can drum up more business through the application of electronic solutions.

A camera and photographic supply store is already using electronic commerce to its advantage. They are likely using auction sites to find cameras and other equipment to sell at the store, and are taking advantage of reasonably obscure store, at least, obscure to most people, in order to make sure that other supplies, such as film and bulbs, are always available for customers. By taking advantage of POS integration, where the customer has access to a wide variety of credit option,and e-commerce options, the store can serve a larger number of customers.

E-commerce is the far simpler solution on a number of levels. The store opens up an electronic store and sells products through that store. By becoming an online merchant, the store is able to service those that want specific items by putting those items on sale and then delivering the items in their shopping cart quickly and efficiently to the customer. If the customer has questions, they can either e-mail the store or go in and ask the staff questions. Being an online merchant allows customers to find what they are looking for and purchase those items without needing to stop into the store itself. Although it may take a few hours to set up, it can make life a lot easier for customers and staff, as well as expand business for the store.

Expanding services within the store itself can mean more than just finding new ways to accept credit cards. One extreme is to use the online merchant site to allow them to put items into a virtual shopping cart and then pay and pick up the items at the store. A customer can also check inventories at related stores if an item they are looking for is not at the store they are at, and request that item, which can then be sent to the store or the customer’s home.

Whereas by adding an online component the store can make life easier for the customer, adding POS integration to the store makes life easier for the business owner. By accepting credit cards when the that system has been integrated into the merchant’s system, it allows for more efficient invoicing solutions and credit card processing, as well as some additional payroll solutions. The invoicing solutions allow the business owner to see what is selling, as well as changes in how particular items sell, allowing him to better order stock and eliminating waste. Payroll solutions give the owner a better view at how employees are working, as well as tracking their hours, and that information can be cross-referenced with invoicing to better gauge when employees should be working, cutting waste down in that area as well, and making for a much more efficient business.

By taking advantage of merchant services, which also includes online services mentioned above, and integrating online credit card processing with the store’s, invoices can be a lot more useful via merchant processing. Also, this means that the store can offer credit card machines and credit card terminals for some additional cash. By being able to accept a mobile payment through mobile credit card processing, the merchant is not limited to accepting credit cards at the store, allowing him to sell at craft shows and other places where he does not have access to his cash registers. Merchant services also allow a merchant cash advance, and other advanced options, but these should do for a start.

By allowing customers access to these services, a business can concentrate less on mastering new technology and more on the business itself. It can expand its business in a number of ways, either expanding into different products or specializing further. One of the advantages of a business’ ability to take advantage of today’s technology is that a business can specialize further than before, allowing it to define its niche, or to expand into areas it would not think of before, securing its future through diversifying its business interests. By working with your business and Karma Snack, Merchant Data Systems hopes to help you grow your business.



MLM Network Marketing Provides Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs in Booming Anti-Aging Sector, Skincare Products Popular with Aging Boomers











Washington, DC (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

MLM Network Marketing provides opportunities for women entrepreneurs in booming anti-aging sector, skincare products popular with aging boomers.

The U.S. Department of Labor today releases its closely watched monthly jobs report, which may show modest improvement in the jobs picture but likely also will highlight a continued jobs shortage with millions of long-term unemployed Americans still struggling to find work in a bad economy. Today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report follows last month’s report showing the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.3 percent.

Although economists predict some improvement in the jobs picture, they do not expect to see significant movement in a job market in which the unemployment rate has been above 8 percent for 42 consecutive months and the average length of joblessness for those remaining in the labor force is nearly 39 weeks. These data exclude the millions of Americans who have stopped looking altogether and dropped out of the workforce. Six million job seekers have exhausted their unemployment benefits since the start of the economic downturn in 2007, according to a National Employment Law Project report.

With nearly 13 million Americans unemployed, and 21 million either under- or unemployed, sustained strong job growth is needed just to make a dent in the problem, according to recent statements from the Federal Reserve. Small businesses, many started by women, remain the nation’s primary creator of new jobs.

Over the past year, statistics show high numbers of women leaving the workforce due to the Great Recession and for personal considerations. Many women leave the labor force temporarily or permanently to care for children and other family members, making work-from-home careers an attractive option that provides the flexibility necessary to balance work and family responsibilities.

And the historic period of high unemployment is fueling consideration of alternative careers, with many women entrepreneurs exploring work-from-home opportunities including new ventures in multi-level marketing focused on the booming anti-aging sector.

Reports show that despite the challenging economic outlook women entrepreneurs are capitalizing on new work-from-home opportunities in MLM marketing, an alternative to traditional office jobs, starting their own successful businesses from home and making money on their own terms.

According to reports, as the nation’s population ages demand is expected to rise for such anti-aging therapies as skincare products and vitamin supplements, a network marketing segment poised for expansion as the nation’s aging baby boomers start to retire.

Direct selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location, marketed through independent sales representatives who are sometimes also referred to as consultants, distributors or other titles.

Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling somewhere in the world. Many people think of cosmetics, wellness products and home décor as products that are often sold through direct sales, but add to that countless other product categories including kitchen products, jewelry, clothing, organic gardening supplies, spa products, scrap booking supplies, rubber stamps and much, much more.

View the Original Article Here: PRWeb/DirectSales


Recent events in the technology industry have caused some major buzz with small business owners, specifically ones with a strong mobile audience. has compiled a list of these events and how small business owners should prepare for their effects.













Austin, Texas (PRWEB) September 11, 2012

Small business owners have a lot to look forward to in the fall. Not only are they a main focus in the 2012 presidential race, due to some recent events in the technology industry, entrepreneurs in the mobile space have even more opportunities than before. An expert in start-ups and entrepreneurship,, has identified these technology events and how small businesses owners should take advantage of these changes for their company.

1. Apple v. Samsung: A lot has been made about Apple’s victory over Samsung in violating patents related to the iPhone; from rumors about Samsung paying the billion dollar verdict in nickels, to claims that Samsung is now doomed. Although the former has been debunked and the latter is viewed by many as a gross overstatement, there is one major result from the lawsuit. This verdict gives Apple the edge on future marketing and legal battles with its ultimate nemesis Google, and the Android platform – the operating system that runs Samsung’s smartphones. Brandon Bailey of Business Insider explains that “Android’s success is vastly important to Google, which developed the software as part of its strategy for delivering lucrative advertising, information and services” to increasing numbers of mobile-web consumers. This victory gives Apple greater legal clout in multiple ongoing lawsuits versus the Internet Goliath open-source platform.

How this applies to small business owners: While the verdict is far from being final (Samsung is in the process of challenging the ruling), there are a couple major effects consumers will feel if the verdict is upheld. For one, Samsung smartphones could become more expensive if they choose to keep the features they are being sued for since they would owe Apple royalties on every phone sold. In addition, Samsung smartphones would most likely lose some of their easy-to-use features that were first introduced by Apple. All-in-all, this ruling and its consequences will take years to play out, but if the ruling holds it will definitely have long-term effects on the future of the tech landscape. (via Huff Post Tech)

2. Quora — The Future of the Web: Created by two former Facebook employees, Quora is a massive question-and-answer database set to revolutionize the information age. Although not (yet) as robust as Wikipedia, Quora contains questions and answers on nearly everything. Once registered with Quora, users select their favorite topics and every time they return to the site its algorithm is designed will have something new and interesting to read. This is set up (not so coincidentally) just like Facebook’s “News Feed” algorithm. No flash, little flair, but fully capable of answering any question you might have.(via Business Insider)

How this applies to small business owners: Since Quora is a new, hip social media website; jumping on it early can be very beneficial to any business. You can use it to do market research, find ideas to talk about on your website, open lines of communication between you and your customers, or if that all fails it is a great place to sharpen your communication skills by learning how to form clear and concise responses to questions. All of these ideas and more are elaborated on Inc.’s 10 Tips on Using Quora for Business.

3. Square Launches New Pricing Structure: Square is the leader in mobile credit card processing for start-ups and small businesses. Now, in addition to Square’s 2.75% per swipe transaction fee charged to businesses that use the app, the company is allowing businesses to pay a $275 flat monthly fee with no per-transaction cost. Although this means that to break even, businesses would have to process more than $10,000 (2.75% x 10,000 = $275) of credit card transactions through the app each month. But, for those small businesses feeling strained by the 2.75% per swipe fee charged by Square, this monthly fee could be a salvation. (via Small Biz Trends)

How this applies to small business owners: While the breakeven transaction level of $10,000 a month might seem high to some, think of it this way: If you have 100 card-using customers a day who spend $10 each, you’ll reach the $10,000 mark in just 10 days, leaving you with the other 20+ days of each month to have (technically) free credit card processing compared to the inflexible per-swipe rate.

4. eFax Launches App for Word 2013: Industry stalwart eFax has just created its first online app for faxing with Microsoft Word 2013. The app allows users to fax documents directly from Word without needing a printer and scanner or fax machine. This app can be downloaded straight from Microsoft’s Office Store and is activated by creating a new eFax account (that comes with a 30-day efax free trial) or by entering in your existing eFax account login info. (via eFax)

How this applies to small business owners: The eFax app for Word 2013 eliminates two of the more time consuming steps in sending a document via fax; printing and scanning. Now you don’t have to walk to your printer to get the paper document and then over to the fax machine to scan in order to fax it. Just fill in a few simple fields and your electronic document is ready to be sent through eFax’s online faxing service.

5. A Facebook for Marketers: GraphEffect is a social network created to enhance collaboration and transparency within marketing departments and organizations. The software allows co-workers to work together on a multitude of projects from planning and content creation to campaign analysis, social advertising, and more. This platform is currently being used by various major organizations including American Express, Toyota, Samsung, and Clorox. (via Yahoo! News)

How this applies to small business owners: While GraphEffect’s platform APIs have been only available to select developers, they have announced in the last few weeks that it will soon be open to the public. Allowing all businesses, small and large, to take advantage of this groundbreaking collaboration tool marketing their brand. If you’d like a quick (but detailed) tour of the software, Business Insider has it covered.

More on is an online guide to help entrepreneurs navigate through the process of starting a business. This startup tool provides complete reviews on important business infrastructure tools, a start-up checklist for new companies and expertise advice through a B2B forum and blog. Find out more: