There has been an exciting development in the social media world! This past weekend; a fantastic, new, iPad app was released called: ‘Webtrends Today.’  This wondrous app was created by Webtrends, a leader in online marketing analytics. They have been around since 1993; and actually aided in the establishment of the web analytics industry. Some of their 3,500 clients include: Ford, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, BMW, and Nestle.

What does ‘Webtrends Today’ actually do? It offers marketing analytics for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. It also offers a great compliment to Webtrend’s Analytics 10 (A10) cloud-based software; making this app a very valuable resource for small business owners who engage in social media marketing. Did I fail mention that it’s free?

‘Webtrends Today’ measures the following for each respected social media account:


1.)    Social Impact

2.)    Demographics

3.)    Trending Comments

4.)    Likes

5.)    Recent Stories & Conversations


1.)    Klout Score

2.)    Followers

3.)    Retweets

4.)    Tweets Sent


1.)    Video Views

2.)    Channel Subscriptions

I know some of these analytics seem pretty basic; but where else can you access this information so easily, and on the go? Being the first app of its kind, the answer is nowhere. Small business owners should jump at the opportunity to save both time and money by downloading ‘Webtrends Today’.  The app is currently available on iTunes, and should be available on the Android Marketplace in the near future. Similar to their efforts in 1993, Webtrends is paving the way for the future of web analytics.