Chances are good that you have heard of metal photos, or photographs being digitally printed onto pieces of metal. More and more people are choosing metal photos as a medium for preserving and displaying their cherished memories. But if you’ve never ordered one before, you may not be sure what to expect. Here are some of the most common questions about metal photos and their answers.

Why choose metal photos?

Many people like to use metal photos as keepsakes because they are more durable and they’re also more special than just a regular photo. A metal photo has a different feel – it’s more solid and thus it is perfect as a gift. Also, because of the versatility of the material and the wide variety of shapes and sizes available, a metal photo is able to be used in many ornamental situations, from hanging without a frame to use in Christmas ornaments or other purposes. It gives you more options than a regular photo.

The memories and the photo can now last forever.

The memories and the photo can now last forever.


Will they rust?

No! Metal photos are printed on high quality aluminum plates. Aluminum is flexible, strong, and resistant to water and heat changes. Aluminum never rusts.

What sizes are available?

Metal photos are available in as many sizes as regular photos, including large prints. The things that really make metal photos stand apart, however, are not just the sizes, but the shapes. Metal photos can be put on ornamentally-shaped pieces to look more like medals or decorative images, rather than rectangular prints. Because of the flexibility of aluminum, this wide selection of shapes and sizes also makes metal photos great for use in artistic projects.

Will my photo look metallic?

No, although printed on metal, the photo will not look metallic. The effect of the finished, printed image is of a perfect photograph that just happens to be permanently fixed on a piece of high-quality metal. The aluminum is highly polished prior to your photo being printed on it, so that the photo goes on smoothly.

How high quality is the image?

Metal photos can be of the absolute highest quality. The only limiting factor in image clarity is the resolution of the source image itself. That means that if you provide a high resolution photo, the finished metal print will have exactly the same level of sharpness, clarity, and detail. There is no difference in resolution between the image you submit and the printed metal image.

Have you ordered a metal photo? Was it a gift and how did you use it?