Retailers and home based business entrepreneurs can set up their own web based photo solution through American Direct Sales. From photographers to frame shops, artist to home based business entrepreneurs, all kinds of retailers can benefit from a partnership with American Direct Sales. With the promotional material we provide, explaining the features and services to potential customers is a breeze. The Replicated Web Based Ordering System simplifies the entire process of uploading photos and selecting templates or styles. With the volume of work possible through American Direct Sales, retailers and home based business entrepreneurs can take on as many orders as they want to, without having to worry about the nitty-gritty of actually operating an artist’s studio or photo lab.

American Direct Sales makes it easy for retailers and home based business entrepreneurs to get started earning additional income with minimal investment. American Direct Sales can be seamlessly integrated into your existing online presence, and we provide extensive and substantial service to our customers regarding any step of the process.
We provide a turn-key solution to turn your retail operation or entrepreneurial spirit into the creative Photo solution center, thus boosting your existing income.

We deliver…
-Large Production Capacity
-Quick Turnaround Time
-Replicated Web Based Ordering System
-Simple Pricing
-Proven Track Record
-Easy integration
-Marketing Materials
-Local Customer Service
-Satisfaction Guaranteed