Have you heard of companies such as Avon, Herbalife, Tupperware, or Canvas Direct? These are all considered “direct selling” companies. The textbook definition for direct selling is: “The direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs.” Today, millions of hardworking Americans have entered the direct selling market as independent consultants to earn part-time and possibly even full-time income. The beauty behind direct selling is the opportunity it creates to be your own boss at a low start-up cost. Surveys show that these ideas, as well as the flexibility of schedule, are the main reasons people enter the direct selling market. In 2006, 15.2 million Americans were involved with direct sales. In 2011, the reported revenue for the largest direct selling company was $11.3 billion.

With these facts, you may be asking yourself: “Why am I not yet part of this industry?”

Everyone has their own reasons for entering the direct selling market. Some use it as a way to earn a little extra cash for things such as vacations, a new car, or a new boat. Others use it as a way to pay their bills, put gas in their car, and put food on the table. Whatever drives you to earn extra money can be used as motivation for your home-based business. The wealth derived from your business far exceeds that of monetary value. You also gain invaluable business, management, and networking experience. These skills cannot be taught at any college or university; they are developed by working the market, developing sales teams, and building relationships with people you may have not otherwise met.

What’s great is the fact that anyone can get involved. Your age, sex, religion, or education level cannot hold you back. It is also the only industry in the world where women earn dollar-for-dollar what men do. It is easy to get started, and it doesn’t take a lot of capital to do so. You are your own boss, and you work your own hours. It is extremely flexible!

One very important fact you need to realize is that it’s not all buttercups and daisies. Yes, there are tremendous opportunities within the market; but there is no true way to “get rich quick,” and by no means is it “easy income.” If anyone tells you differently, they are misleading you. Similar to any other business venture; it takes hard work and dedication. Not everyone who tries will succeed, and you may find you are not cut out for the industry; that’s okay! This is not meant to dissuade you by any means; if anything, it should motivate you. The opportunity to be your own boss, and ultimately deciding your own path; is not afforded often. The sky truly is the limit.

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