When it comes to designing a home or office space, more and more people are catching on to this design trend – printing their favorite photos onto natural wood. Wood print photos transform an ordinary photo into a durable and beautiful piece of art that will withstand the test of time. You can create a wood photo from essentially any image, from your favorite family photo to a photo from a birthday party, graduation, or wedding. Aside from using a photo of your family and friends, here are some other unique ideas for wood photos that you can incorporate into your home or office décor.canvas

  • Album Covers

Everyone loves music, and everyone has a favorite musician. So, why not incorporate your favorite album cover into your design scheme? Whether it’s a vintage Beatles record cover, a recent CD cover, or your favorite music poster, you can have it transformed into a stunning wood print photo. The artwork is a fun, unique way to spruce up any entertainment or music room, kid’s bedroom, play room, or office space.

  • Nature

Bringing the outdoors in is always a great design tactic. Nature is calming, and it is important to bring that relaxing feel into your home or office space. Whether you love the beach, flowers, or the mountains, you can use your favorite photo of the outdoors to create a wood print photo. Re-experience your favorite beach vacation or skiing trip every day by incorporating a photo of the picturesque landscape into your space. You can even use a picture of the flowers or trees from a nearby park or your backyard and incorporate that into your design.  Putting these images onto Russian Birch or Bamboo wood will enhance the image and add beauty to any space.

  • Famous Artwork

If you’re an art lover you can use your favorite piece of artwork for a wood print photo. Take an image of your favorite piece by Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, or Michelangelo to decorate your home or office. Art can cost a fortune, and this will add a timeless piece of renowned artwork to your space that everyone will be talking about.

Wood Photos Direct uses top-notch technology to print your image onto wood. It uses beautiful and durable ¾” thick wood prints that are sustainable and durable. The wood grain that shows through your images complements each work of art, enhances every photo, and guarantees that no two images are exactly the same. View our size and wood options today!

How will wood photos add personality to your home?


Metal photos are obviously unique. Whether you are getting someone a gift to commemorate a special occasion or you would like to have something distinctive to add to your own collection, having photos printed on metal can make your job simple. But what if you are the crafty type and you see this photo medium as an opportunity?

Where regular photos are delicate and subject to the wear and tear of everyday life, metal photos are far more resilient, making them perfect for certain projects that you would never attempt with paper. And the great news is that we have specialty printing options that can make this easy! With metal keychains, dog tags, and luggage tags available, you’ll have the formats you need for some truly spectacular crafts. Here are three great ways that you can use our metal photos:

1.  Key chain charms – There’s nothing wrong with getting an unadorned keychain, but you could make it so much more interesting! There are tons of charms out there, for just about every theme on the planet, and you can easily find some that relate to the picture you place on your keychain. For instance, are you a cat or dog person? Place an image of your pets on the chain and accessorize with little charms of bones, paws, fish, etc. If you are giving a gift to sports fan, you could use a picture of the person’s favorite player on one side, put the jersey on the other, and use charms of a ball or helmet, or even get a customized championship charm.

2.  Dog tag jewelry – The good news about our metal dog tags is that they aren’t flimsy and they look great dressed up or down. Instead of sticking with the traditional ball chain, use a jump ring and find a cord or chain that suits the look that you are going for. Want to use your great-grandmother’s classic Edwardian wedding portrait? Choose a silver chain with some large links and attach wire-wrapped crystals to it; hang the pendant from the middle. If you’re extra crafty, you could even create a setting for the metal centerpiece. Maybe you’re looking for something a little sportier? Not a problem! You can always use colorful cord, and some wooden beads or seashells.Image of friends in Paris

3.  Accessorize your Travel Bag Tag – If you want to make sure that your luggage is instantly recognizable, you don’t have to replace your whole set. Instead, simply opt for one of our bag tags, which you can customize with a couple of photos and your own individual decorations. Choose a pic of a destination or perhaps you and your best friend on that trip to France (like the one pictured). On the other side, place a map of the world. Now, get a basic keyring with a screw closure (which must close all the way) to attach to the cord. Add a bead or perhaps a printed paper tag with a flag or identifying picture for each new state, country or territory you visit. It will stand out in a way that is unmistakable!


Image of international flag bag tags

Image courtesy of digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Print something like these (shown above) on paper. You can even laminate so that they last!

These are just some of the ways we came up with to really personalize your metal photos. What are some of your ideas?


Wood wall photos have really been taking off. A wood wall photo is when a digital photograph or other image is taken and printed in beautiful high-resolution onto natural wood. So what can you use these works of art for? Here are four ideas:

1.  An elegant picture. Sometimes, you just want something that stands out on your wall. Everyone has framed paper photographs and that can look nice, but they really don’t stand out that much. On the other hand, when you take the time to have a wood wall photo created, you end up with a natural centerpiece that draws attention and looks like a true work of art. Any image printed on beautiful natural wood is going to be cherished by the family.

2.  Something that will last forever. Paper photos have a tendency to fade, wrinkle, or get creased, folded or torn. While wood wall photos are by no means invincible, they do last an incredibly long time. Solid, natural wood is a durable medium that is not as easy to damage as some other materials are. In addition, older wood that shows a small amount of wear can actually look even better than it did brand new and provide a rustic look to your décor. Wood wall photos are mementos that can last a lifetime—and then some.


3.  Use in crafts. The fact is that wood wall photos are much more versatile and can be used in many ways that a paper photo cannot. This includes using them in crafts and woodworking projects. For instance, if you are building birdhouses for your kids or grandkids, you could have a wood photo print made for each and use it for the front panel of every birdhouse? This would allow you to use all kinds of decorative patterns and images on the birdhouse that would be difficult to do with paint. All you need to do is cover the whole finished project in a little weatherproofing finish and it will last for years. 

4.  Signage. Business owners, churches, and others will find that wood wall photos make a great low-cost alternative to expensive handmade signs. A wood wall photo with your logo or signage printed on it is basically a custom wooden sign ready to go. All you need to do is drill holes and add the hardware to mount it and you have an attractive, tasteful sign that costs a fraction of what professional sign makers charge.

Do you have any wood wall photos? What do you use them for?



If you love photos, you have probably experimented with all kinds of different things. For instance, you might make large displays of several photos in a single frame, or you might make collages and bulletin boards with hundreds of photos. And for any photo lover, the ability to print out your digital photos has been a godsend. It has allowed many of us to use our photos in all kinds of artistic ways we never would have thought of before.

But is it even possible to print a photo on metal?

Think of the possibilities! If you had a photo on metal, you could use it in all kinds of craft projects that you cannot use a paper photo for. For people who are simply interested in furnishing their homes, metal photos are a sophisticated way to display any special photos. Metal last longer, it holds up to more wear and tear, and it has a texture and sheen that make it different from even the nicest printed photo. So how do you get a photo on metal of your own?

The first thing many people think of is simply taking a paper photo and sticking it onto metal. Unfortunately, this does not have the desired effect at all. If you go this route, you are essentially just improvising a poor man’s version of a paper photo in a metal frame. Obviously, it doesn’t look the same as a photo printed onto the metal itself. And it is flimsy and unlikely to last long.

What you really need is a photo on metal, as in printed onto the metal surface. But please don’t try putting sheet metal into your printer! Even if you can get a piece that’s thin enough to go through, it’s not going to work – you’ll just end up ruining the printer. And the ink wouldn’t stay, in any case.

The good news is that Metal Photos Direct has perfected the technique of placing photos on metal and can provide you with a beautiful finished product at a low price. They also have tons of options for the photos that can make them even more unique. For instance, if you would like to have a copy of your image in sepia or converted to look like a painting, you can get it. This will make it even easier to match your personal style and home décor with the finished product that you get.

Photos on metal, before and after

If you are looking for distinctive style in the images that populate your home, Metal Photos Direct can help. Contact us today to learn more!


Many people don’t know just how far professional digital printing services have come these days. Wood wall photos are a great example of that. Taking high quality blocks of beautiful, solid wood, the photo image is then printed flawlessly onto it. The result is a permanent wall hanging that stands out from the rest. Some people may wonder if it’s worth it to opt for this more unique style.

So when is a wood wall photo the right choice? In many cases:

  • When framing would be expensive – The cost of framing a large photo print can be prohibitive. It involves custom sizing and cutting and even a pre-made frame can be pricey. Ironically, having the photo printed directly onto fine wood as a wood wall photo can be substantially cheaper. Modern printing technology allows a digital image to be printed in high resolution for a tiny cost. That means a high-quality display at a low price.


It's amazing how much this seemingly simple frame will cost when custom-made and sized.

It’s amazing how much this seemingly simple frame will cost when custom-made and sized.

  • In place of custom woodwork – You might be considering having something designed with custom woodwork to hang on your wall, but when you get a quote from an artisan you may think again. Wood wall photos are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will provide the appearance of custom cut woodwork at a fraction of the price.
  • To make hanging easier – Larger and older frames may have complicated hanging systems and seem impossible to get straight. Wood wall photos have a simple slot routed on the back that fits standard hardware to make hanging a breeze. You won’t have to spend time with a drill measuring the brackets on the back of a frame ever again.
  • For official displays – Wood wall photos might be good for family portraits, but they are great for official displays of any kind. If you are issuing an award, giving a certificate of recognition to an employee, recognizing dedicated members of an organization or creating any kind of plaque, having the certificate printed directly onto wood is a great way to go. It is elegant, decorative and cost-effective. Similarly, wood wall photos can be used for great in-store displays that draw attention.
  • When you want something unique – Lots of people have framed photos, but how many have wood wall photos? Having your photo printed on wood can make it stand out as special.
  • When you want something that will last – Wood is a solid, beautiful, long-lasting substance, so choosing the material for your image means that you are creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

What would you use a wood wall photo for?