Contrary to popular belief, printing photographs on a sheet of metal is actually inexpensive and easy. Any digital image can be taken and printed in a high quality, high resolution format so quality is never compromised. Metal printed photographs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, offering even further customization. From photo preservation to home décor, below are five uses for photographs on metal.

  1. Unique artwork – Lots of people have framed photographs in their homes, but not many have metal ones. Printing photographs on metal means that you have a unique piece that stands out. When people walk into your home, they will notice it and be sure to comment. It also provides a different feel from regular photos, with a texture all its own.
  2. Making it last – Some memories are important and you want them to last. Printed photographs curl, fade, bend and are subject to fire, water damage, and tearing. Metal is a much more durable substance. Printing photographs on metal is a way to preserve them for many years to come.
This is what happens to old photos. Your great grandmother's portrait could be on something more lasting.

This is what happens to old photos. Your great grandmother’s portrait could be on something more lasting.

  1. Coasters – This printing doesn’t have to just be a way to display family photos. You can print any image on metal—including designs that you like. That means that you can make your own set of unique coasters very inexpensively. You can use the printed metal images as coasters as-is or attach cork to the bottom to make them even more attractive. There are many creative ways to use printed metal photographs.
  2. Decorative plaques – An award can mean a lot, but when it’s printed on brilliant, polished, durable metal, it can mean even more. Imagine hanging a certificate, award or plaque in your office that is printed on real metal. It will catch the light, last almost forever, and will just look and feel like a more valuable, important award.
  3. Art you can work with – After printing photographs on metal, many people go on to use the images artistically. If you are an artist or craftsman, you know that there are many ways to work with and transform metal sheets. You could bend the printed photograph into a three dimensional shape, use it as a panel in some larger object, perforate it for a candle or lamp shade, or otherwise put it to creative use.

Are you considering printing photographs on metal for your own use? What image are you thinking of and what do you plan to do with it?


Did you know that your photos can be printed in high resolution onto smooth, craftsman-quality wood? Wood prints are a hit, both as gifts and for business uses. They offer a lot of advantages over a paper or framed image. Here’s why:

More tangible than a photoIn this age of digital photos instantly shared across the web, having something tangible in your hand still has value—perhaps more value than ever before. And while a printed paper photo may satisfy that need for some, for many people there is nothing as tangible as holding an artistic, one-of-a-kind, permanent photo wood print in their hands.

The look and feel of real wood – Wood has enchanted people for centuries. It is at once hard and soft; living, yet inanimate; brilliant, yet strong. The wood grain that subtly shows through the image on your print will only add those special qualities to the photo and make it even more unique and special. That’s why a wood print of a photo is the perfect gift for someone—because it takes an already special photo and makes it even more meaningful.

Imagine this on wood!

Imagine this on wood!

DurabilityA three quarter inch thick block of high quality wood (like birch or bamboo) not only looks great, it lasts. Light enough to hang on the wall, these blocks are still thick and strong enough to have some weight to them. They will stand up to much more abuse than a paper photo print or even a framed image. There is no glass to break. And if properly cared for, they will last a lifetime.

Variety of sizes and types – It can be hard to get a photo image blown up to a size suitable for framing and display. However, with wood prints, any high resolution photo can be resized to a huge variety of sizes and shapes, whether you want a simple hanging for the wall, a certificate size for an office, a triptych dividing the image into panels, or something shaped more like a trophy. The possibilities are almost endless.

Cost effective, high quality displays – Wood prints aren’t only good for sentimental purposes. You can have awards or certificates printed onto wood for an added sense of permanence, or you can have logos and marketing materials printed on wood for an elegant display that your competitors can’t match.

Have you had any photo prints made for your family, friends, office or business?


Chances are good that you have heard of metal photos, or photographs being digitally printed onto pieces of metal. More and more people are choosing metal photos as a medium for preserving and displaying their cherished memories. But if you’ve never ordered one before, you may not be sure what to expect. Here are some of the most common questions about metal photos and their answers.

Why choose metal photos?

Many people like to use metal photos as keepsakes because they are more durable and they’re also more special than just a regular photo. A metal photo has a different feel – it’s more solid and thus it is perfect as a gift. Also, because of the versatility of the material and the wide variety of shapes and sizes available, a metal photo is able to be used in many ornamental situations, from hanging without a frame to use in Christmas ornaments or other purposes. It gives you more options than a regular photo.

The memories and the photo can now last forever.

The memories and the photo can now last forever.


Will they rust?

No! Metal photos are printed on high quality aluminum plates. Aluminum is flexible, strong, and resistant to water and heat changes. Aluminum never rusts.

What sizes are available?

Metal photos are available in as many sizes as regular photos, including large prints. The things that really make metal photos stand apart, however, are not just the sizes, but the shapes. Metal photos can be put on ornamentally-shaped pieces to look more like medals or decorative images, rather than rectangular prints. Because of the flexibility of aluminum, this wide selection of shapes and sizes also makes metal photos great for use in artistic projects.

Will my photo look metallic?

No, although printed on metal, the photo will not look metallic. The effect of the finished, printed image is of a perfect photograph that just happens to be permanently fixed on a piece of high-quality metal. The aluminum is highly polished prior to your photo being printed on it, so that the photo goes on smoothly.

How high quality is the image?

Metal photos can be of the absolute highest quality. The only limiting factor in image clarity is the resolution of the source image itself. That means that if you provide a high resolution photo, the finished metal print will have exactly the same level of sharpness, clarity, and detail. There is no difference in resolution between the image you submit and the printed metal image.

Have you ordered a metal photo? Was it a gift and how did you use it?


After a long winter frost, the warmth and comfort of spring is finally just around the corner. As the temperature begins to climb above freezing, many peoples’ thoughts have started to turn toward seasonal celebrations. Weddings, graduations, and various holidays are commonly observed between the months of March and June, each teeming with the bustling energy that winter had so long repressed. If you have a lengthy list of events to attend this season, but aren’t exactly sure what style of gift to bring to the party, why not offer your loved ones a brilliant print on wood?

Perfect for Weddings
What better gift is there to give a couple for a wedding or shower gift than a record of the memory? Have their favorite photo blown up and printed on wood for a beautiful piece they can hang anywhere in their new home together. You can also have smaller prints made of related images, hanging them alongside of the larger portrait for a visual collage of their most important day.

Immortalize the Academic Moment
Graduating from college is an accomplishment, ought to be commemorated in a special way. Why not be the first to provide the graduate with a collection of prints on wood depicting their graduation day? Whether for the student, the parents, or any other loved one, the receiver is sure to appreciate the meticulous detail that goes into bringing a memory alive.
Highlighting the Family this Holiday

If you celebrate Easter, Passover, both, or any of the other spring holidays, it’s a prime time for family gatherings. Preserve those egg hunt photos of the kids, or take a family picture with multiple generations on hang. Then turn it into a work of art with a portrait on wood and give them as gifts to your family members. They’re sure to treasure the gift for years to come.


Do you love photography? Does someone in your family love photography? Do you have photos you wouldn’t part with for any price? If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe you should consider having your very favorite picture printed onto a material that will last – a photo to metal print.

Printing photographs onto metal may sound strange at first. When most people think of photos, they think of either digital photos or pictures printed onto paper. Professional photographers will sometimes have a photo printed onto canvas, so the end result will be reminiscent of a painting. It’s also possible to have photos printed onto wood.

Photos printed on materials other than paper require no matting, no framing, and no glass for preservation. The finished prints can be cut into any shape or size. Non-paper mediums can be printed with either gloss or matte finishes, just like paper photos. The material a photo is printed on can contribute to the depth, sharpness, or softness of the image.

Non-paper photo materials have become popular in the world of corporate interior decorating. Many businesses use photos printed onto metal, wood, or canvas to decorate their lobbies, offices, conference rooms, and cafeterias, since it’s easiest if artwork in these locations is durable and easily cleaned. The potential for glass being broken is a concern when using traditional, framed photographs.

Photos printed on metal or wood are also used with increasing frequency to decorate private homes. Everyone has a photo they want to keep in their lives forever, and printed photos have a major disadvantage: they fade over time. That color photo of your daughter will lose its brilliance over time, because ink printed onto paper eventually fades. There is no way to completely prevent this from happening. Ink printed onto non-paper materials may still fade, but not as quickly, and not to the degree that a paper photo will. A traditional photo is printed onto the top of the paper, but in the process of printing a photograph onto a non-paper material, ink is infused deep into the material itself, not just onto the surface. So if you want the picture you treasure most to last for many years, consider a photo to metal print.  If cared for properly, a photograph printed onto a stronger material than paper could remain in your family for generations to come.